Canadian beverage company Wildpack has added a decorating line to its facility in Baltimore, Maryland, to help it meet demand for its products.

The Baltimore facility is expected to produce more than two million cans a month when fully operational, in line with Wildpack’s integration and utilisation step-up plan.

Wildpack chief operating officer Chuck Zadlo said: “We have developed a strong team dedicated to internal upgrades of existing lines and the installation of new ones within our operation.

“The efficiency with which this line was built and the lack of disruption to existing ongoing operations during its construction validates our ability to make strategic additions to our facilities beyond upgrading existing assets.”

In a separate development, Wildpack has completed its previously announced acquisition of US-based aluminium can filler Vertical Distilling for $4.5m.

Vertical Distilling serves the middle-market beverage industry in Colorado and its surrounding states.

Wildpack’s step-up plan involves achieving certain milestones related to the acquisition of Vertical Distilling’s facility in Colorado.

The milestones include attaining more profitable gallons at the facility by optimising shifts, expanding its service offering and absorbing its pre-existing back office and supply chain into Wildpack’s network.

The company aims to fulfil these in a phased manner by next March.

Wildpack chief growth officer Thomas Walker said: “Colorado is a key geography in the middle market beverage industry for both customers and vendors.

“Establishing a presence there not only furthers our strategic business objectives as it relates to decreasing shipping cost and complexity for customers, but it also places us as neighbours to several of our key vendors.

“Strengthening these relationships is expected to have a positive impact on our business as we continue to accumulate market share in spaces that we operate.”

Last month, Wildpack completed its previously announced acquisition of CraftPac’s facility in Georgia, US.