Hugely popular for applications such as deodorant, hairspray, shave gel, air fresheners and whipped cream, aerosols have proven to be a convenient, hygienic and efficient packaging solution.

However, with the modern consumer facing more choices than ever at the retail shelf, it is imperative for brands to go the extra mile. Crown can help marketers increase brand awareness, enhance shelf appeal and draw the eye of discerning consumers with innovative techniques, including shaping and "nouveaux exterieurs" (unique finishes).

Advances in aerosol technology are also opening the door to a new world of potential applications, from bathroom sealants to cheese spread.

Standard cans

Aerosol cans are convenient, functional and help enhance shelf appeal, and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Shaped cans

Shaping can help convey brand attributes to consumers and attract attention on the shelf. Steel can be expanded by up to 25%, allowing a wide scope of shaping possibilities. Packages can feature subtle curves or highly innovative asymmetrical designs depending on the look marketers are aiming to achieve.

Slim cans

Narrower diameters help make packaging easier to grip and enhance overall ergonomics.

BICAN® technology

Bi-compartmented aerosol technology incorporates a plastic inner bag to keep the product and propellant completely separate. This separation ensures that propellant is not emitted during dispensing and prevents the product from coming in contact with the package itself. The possibility of product drying or hardening is also eliminated, increasing its life span.

BICAN offers consumers excellent practicality due to their ergonomic design and 360° operation, and require little effort to use. The product is dispensed cleanly and accurately, with no shaking required and excellent overall evacuation.

Traditionally used to dispense shaving gels, brand owners are currently leveraging this proven technology for a wide range of liquid and viscous applications. Products that have never before been packed in aerosol cans, such as pancake batter, paint, sun cream, hair gel and many others, can be easily and quickly dispensed from cans by simply pushing a button.