Snowbell ampoule filling and sealing machines are and easy to maintain solution for high-speed packaging needs.

Key features:

  • Self-centring grippers for the transport of ampoule diameters within the size range without the need to change
  • Ampoule neck centring during gas flushing and filling.
  • AISI 316L dosing syringes without gaskets
  • Drip-free adjustment for media of different viscosity
  • The possibility of direct connection to a sterilising tunnel
  • No ampoule no filling function
  • Full accessibility allows easy maintenance
  • Fast changeover due to an extremely limited number of parts to be replaced
  • Individual micrometric adjustment of the syringes

Optional Features:

  • Dosing syringes are driven by separate brushless motor
  • Ampoule sampling unit without stopping the machine
  • Possibility to memorise various parameters of different ampoule sizes