Blowing, filling, capping, conveying, packaging and palletizing: all these functions can be integrated into a single, compact solution supplied by SMI and suitable for production capacities up to 36,800 bottles per hour.

SMI complete lines can be used for a wide range of products: still and carbonated water, fresh milk, juices, edible oil,vinegar, CSD and detergents.

The machines that belong to SMI complete lines are characterised by an ergonomic design and a high flexibility that makes format changeover easy and quick.

Moreover, the system is embedded with cutting-edge technology and smart control devices, in order to streamline production processes, do troubleshooting thanks to advanced data exchange system and optimise the use of resources, also by carrying out predictive maintenance operations, with great advantages in terms of energy saving.

SMI turnkey lines are designed in order to meet the requirements of every single customer. At the beginning of every project, the analysis of product accumulation, distribution and conveyance is carried out to guarantee a smooth production flow and the maximum operational flexibility of the line installed.