At INEMUR, we believe that continuous improvement is obtained with the combination of the following criteria:

  • Adequate counselling for defining a process capable of ensuring the attainment of the initial objectives with the anticipation of a possible and necessary future growth. Always considering the right balance between the necessary quality and reasonable cost
  • Design and integration of well-balanced lines for making products with the capacity and quality level defined. To this end, we study in detail each project to obtain the highest levels of efficiency through a perfect balance between installed equipment, connection, operation, maintenance, and after sales service
  • Experience in defining the details that determine the configuration of a line able to meet the requirements. Our extensive presence in many sectors allows us to learn and adapt the most effective solutions, while achieving significant productivity gains, eliminating problems, cost reduction, etc
  • Collection and use of information generated on the line for those specific actions to achieve an effective improvement. We are experts in capturing real-time data generated by each piece of  equipment and the line as a whole for interpretation and monitoring via dedicated software for this purpose (SCADA, MES, CMMS, etc)