Crown offers the following enhancements, to help your brand stand out from the competition:

  • HoloCrown™: a unique process that offers eye-catching holographic packaging; an ideal solution for anti-counterfeiting
  • Seated end: gives your packaging a premium look and a stronger profile
  • Body embossing: full body embossing for a tactile all-over finish
  • Detail embossing: fine embossing for logos and for highlighting details
  • Micro embossing: provides a super-fine, subtle, detailed texture
  • Matt and gloss: over-varnishes can create a subtle, sophisticated appearance
  • Soft touch: gives your product a premium look and satin feel; stands out both on the shelf and in consumer’s hands
  • Flush lid: ensures a smooth profile for your packaging
  • Perforations: customised perforations can add appeal and transparency to a pack
  • Crackle finish: provides a premium yet retro feel
  • Window tin: creates a window for product visibility for the consumer
  • Relief varnish: creates a 3D effect and offers a high-contrast background to make brand names and logos "pop"
  • Sparkle finish: for a premium yet retro-industrial look
  • Pearlescent finish: provides a soft, glowing effect for aerosol cans
  • Colour-changing finish: can instantly transform colours from brilliant to soft with a simple rotation of the package