deep drawn closures

Herti Deep Drawn Closures (HDDC) are used for bottling spirits on high-speed bottling lines and ensure top-quality bottle closing. The variety of colors and forms answers the various client needs. Herti also provides closure modification according to bottle type.

The deep-drawn closures are punched and drawn from the aluminium sheets in two steps, hence their name. These caps offer additional features such as side printing and embossing.

Herti offers the following HDDC dimensions:

  • 18mm x 22mm
  • 18mm x 24mm
  • 22mm x 30mm
  • 25mm x 33mm
  • 28mm x 35mm
  • 28mm x 38mm
  • 28mm x 44mm
  • 30mm x 35mm
  • 30mm x 44mm
  • 30mm x 46mm
  • 30mm x 47mm
  • 31,5mm x 30mm
  • 31,5mm х 40mm
  • 31,5mm х 44mm
  • 31,5mm x 44mm olive oil
  • 31.5mm x 47mm
  • 36mm x 52mm