One-piece heavy duty display hook

This product is designed for hanging products in a corrugated display tray. Featuring a rotary lock and long-neck hook, the part secures heavy products and helps to save shelf space for retail stores. The hook can be installed through corrugated material and rotated until locked into position.

Hinge hanger

This hanger is designed as a substitution for cardboard header card to package and hang hinges in retail / hardware store displays. The universal hinge hanger is flexible to accommodate metal hinges in all sizes and provide superior holding power. It also has sufficient space for branding and product identification printing, which helps the entire product line in a consistent and appealing way.

30570 header slide hook

The header slide hook is great for hanging socks, tights and hosiery, among other things. Its slim arm allows your corrugated or plastic display to easily slide in and out, while keeping the package looking great.

30270 long neck tack hook

This hook allows the fastener loop of your product to be inserted through the hole at the bottom. Its long, 1.5" neck can host a large header card to help your product stand out from the display.

The trundler

The trundler is a system with wheels and feet that ease the movement of heavy and awkward packs / containers around a shop, store, warehouse or in transit. It can be used with tertiary or mobile packaging and, as we are seeing more frequently, direct-to-store or "floor-ready" style POS packaging.