extra long closures

Herti Extra Long Closures have been optimised for use during the bottling wines and spirits.

Closures are provided with different types of liners according to the customers’ preferences.

Herti Extra Long Closures are punched and drawn in three steps, designed for bottling wines and spirits. They offer different possibilities for decoration and hot foil printing.

Herti offers the following HXLC dimensions:

  • 25mm x 43mm
  • 25mm х 50mm
  • 28mm x 50mm
  • 30mm x 50mm
  • 30mm x 55mm
  • 30mm x 59mm
  • 30mm x 60mm
  • 31.5mm x 50mm
  • 31.5mm x 55mm
  • 31.5mm x 60mm