Flexible Packaging Paper

NexFlex is Koehler’s link to the future. The reliability, quality and confidence of a Black Forest family business represents the stepping stone for constant innovation and the pursuit of sustainable research and development in the interests of the environment. Koehler enters the market for flexible packaging paper.


NexCoat – one-side coated paper

NexCoat is one side coated paper, which can be used for a variety of different applications in the field of flexible packaging. Koehler deliberately offers this paper with a high degree of whiteness, even without optical brighteners, in order to position itself in an environmentally aware and resource-saving manner. NexCoat has outstanding smoothness on the printing side with a rough reverse side and extremely good dimensional stability, and it’s also suitable for direct food contact as it is produced from 100% virgin fibre pulp.

NexPure – uncoated paper

NexPure is uncoated paper that is in great demand for many applications. Consumers want to see and feel sustainability right on their first contact with the packaging. At first glance, the natural look and feel of paper tells the consumer that renewable raw materials are in use here. With uncoated paper from Koehler’s NexPure product line, this factor is clearly visible. The paper is suitable for a variety of applications where the best processing properties have to be combined with a natural appearance.

NexPlus – sustainable barrier paper

NexPlus represents the next generation of paper for flexible packaging. Consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging paper and the industry also wants to support this new way of thinking. This is possible with NexPlus from Koehler. These are types of paper which, in addition to providing various barriers for aroma, oxygen, water vapor or MOSH/MOAH, also offer heat sealability and underline our vision and goal of developing better and more sustainable packaging solutions for the widest variety of applications. Paper is the solution.

You can find more information about our flexible packaging paper in the product brochure under the tab ‘White Papers’.

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