herti standard closures

Herti Standard Closures (HSC) are versatile systems primarily used for bottling wine, spirits, still and carbonated water, juice and olive oil, as well as an array of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

The standard closures are also known as short or small closures because their diameter is bigger than their height.

They are the most widely spread type due to their relatively low prices, cost-effective transportation and usually shorter lead-times.

These caps find worldwide application in various beverage industries.

Herti offers HSC systems in the following dimensions:

  • 17mm x 12mm
  • 18mm х 12mm
  • 22mm х 15mm
  • 25mm х 17mm
  • 28mm х 14.7mm
  • 28mm х 15.4mm
  • 28mm х 17mm
  • 28mm х 18mm (18.3mm)
  • 28mm х 21.6mm
  • 28mm х 22mm
  • 30mm х 24mm
  • 31.5mm х 18mm
  • 31.5mm х 24mm
  • 32mm х 18mm
  • 43mm х 24mm