INEMUR offers added value by being highly specialised in the study, design, and integration of technical solutions and work procedures that improve the productivity, performance and efficiency of any unproductive or underperforming processes.

We count on a team dedicated to ‘Lean Management’, which deals with the realisation of the previous studies on real productivity, process analysis and existing layout and identification of procedures without value or unproductive.

To this end, we rely on the measurement and interpretation of ‘Lean’ indicators that are the key to optimising the efficiency of production processes.

So not only do we take care of integrating custom, high-production and high-performance lines, we also provide solutions that ensure the production of repetitive products with productivity and profitability criteria, while maintaining and improving these parameters over time through specific techniques and overall management tools.

The principles on which we rely to achieve this goal are:

  • Minimise the existing ‘waste’ (worthless activities) in working processes and procedures
  • Generate products and/or services as specified and with the perfect quality at the start
  • Establish a working method based on measurement and continuous improvement