The MB3600-CH80 PET Packaging Analyzer is a rugged industrial FT-NIR solution for fast analysis of PET containers like jars, bottles and preforms. It is intended for R&D centers, QA/QC laboratories or production lines of companies performing a large number of daily measurements of containers key characteristics.

This analyser enables precise determination of several PET quality attributes such as crystallinity, moisture content, wall thickness or intrinsic viscosity. Analysis is performed within a few seconds, as an alternative to slower laboratory methods. No specific sample or instrument preparation is required, and the measurements are totally non-destructive.

This packaged solution features turnkey models for %crystallinity determination in PET containers. These calibrations, made out of more than 150 PET bottles are pre-loaded on the instrument and configured in the user-friendly Horizon QA operator interface. From the day of installation, the user can start analysing PET containers.


  • Fast and accurate analysis as alternative to wet laboratory techniques
  • Does not require reagents or solvents
  • Includes turnkey calibrations for %crystallinity in PET
  • Enables additional multi-property analysis (intrinsic viscosity, wall thickness, moisture content)
  • Rugged and simple software interface
  • State-of-the-art analytical performance
  • Low-cost of ownership (ten years maintenance-free)
  • Minimal footprint
  • Transferability of calibrations to other ABB laboratory analysers