When it’s time to find a product or marketing image for a project, where do you go?
Many people waste time searching high and low for their assets. Some don’t even bother with the search at all. Instead, they go straight to starting over, duplicating the same design work over and over and over again.

With MediaBeacon, the digital asset management (DAM) system from Esko, your siloed teams can store, search, and find the exact digital files they need to create, approve, and distribute packaging, label, and marketing content.

With MediaBeacon, enable your team to:

  • Save time spent searching for or recreating digital assets.
  • Improve cross-functional content collaboration.
  • Easily distribute content for omnichannel delivery.

Spend Less Time Searching

How many places do you think you could find logos, images, and other files for your brand? Many creative teams wait until they have spent endless amounts of time sifting through inboxes, racking through desktops, searching physical folders, making phone calls, and finally giving up on finding that one specific image they need before they realize their need for DAM.

Powered by a world-class metadata architecture, MediaBeacon enables you and your teams to retrieve tagged assets by keywords, filtering, color, synonyms, relationship to other assets, and availability based on digital rights and user permissions.

Improve Cross-functional Collaboration

Part of the reason digital assets are stored in multiple locations is because they shouldn’t be publicly available or are only used by siloed teams. This tends to limit collaboration and creates inconsistency across departments. With a single source for digital assets, team members across siloed departments can find, share, and modify digital files they need at any moment.

With MediaBeacon, your team has a single, secure content hub to easily access the same versions of assets to use in current projects, or to repurpose for new, relevant projects. At the same time, access to specific digital assets can be controlled through digital rights management (DRM), and individual, group, and role-based permissions; all from one single source.

Deliver Omnichannel Content

Even if you have a single source for your digital assets, how do you ensure that the assets are properly distributed to those who need them, when they need them?

With MediaBeacon, you can distribute assets through external links, brand portals, or download-only access. Connect to the next system in your technology stack through standard connections to best-in-class content distribution tools.

MediaBeacon Add-Ons

Business Process Management (BPM)

Strengthen your processes and increase efficiency with workflows configured to your best practices for automated tasks and notifications.

3D Viewer

Store and view 3D assets with 9-view options and the ability to spin and rotate to see all aspects of the file in the DAM.

Adobe Connectors

Increase the efficiency of your creatives with a connector that allows them to search, access, and edit assets directly from the DAM through a window in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tagging

Use AI to save time by automatically predicting and generating keywords for images and videos, either upon upload into the DAM or for assets that already exist in the DAM.

Microsoft Connector

Increase the efficiency of your creative and sales teams with the ability to search for and download assets from the DAM directly inside Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Eliminate the risk of using assets illegally by assigning rights to assets by region, distribution channel, and dates available for use.