emerson micro motion fmtEmerson’s Micro Motion Filling Mass Transmitter (FMT) is an advanced integral-mount, high-speed filling transmission solution that has been specially optimised for packaging applications.

This compact, lightweight transmitter accurately measures entrained gases or fluids with high viscosities, making it ideal for high-speed, precision measurement during filling and dosing activities.

  • Improve yields and reduce spillage with Automatic Overshoot Compensation (AOC) and discrete valve control
  • Track live, online quality control data with digital temperature and density reporting to prevent packaging off-spec product
  • Digitally change recipe and fill set point on the fly
  • Reduce maintenance costs with meter health status and easy in-line replacement of electronics module
  • Handle any type of fluid, including viscous, with entrained gas and suspended solids
  • Streamline operations by handling a wide range of container sizes with a single-size meter
  • Accurately measure sub-second fills (< 1 second) and very small fills (<1ml)