Newtec’s hyperspectral imaging camera (HSI) provides customers with more sorting capabilities and can be used in the packaging industry for material innovation and better quality control.

Buteo is a push broom HSI setup developed and assembled in Denmark by Newtec. The hyperspectral capability of this instrument makes it possible to detect information about objects, which would otherwise remain hidden from us.

Newtec’s pioneering technology enables the detection of over 300 colours from the visible spectrum all the way to the near-infrared (NIR), hence the term hyperspectral. This is more than an RGB camera with three colours and even the human eye.

It divides the light into colours so that the information is more accessible and better managed. With the company’s HSI camera, customers are better able to detect hidden product features that can impact value and quality, as well as health and safety concerns.

An example of this would be detecting potato blackhearts, which are internal defects causing the potatoes to develop a black interior, making them unfit for consumption. With the HSI cameras developed by Newtec, it is possible to distinguish potatoes infected with this disease. This technique is non-destructive, which makes it easier to implement thorough quality control in the sorting process and reduces waste.

For the packaging sector, specifically, this technology can have a significant impact on both sustainability practices and better quality control for the kinds of materials used in the packaging industry. Product safety and sustainability are at the core of Newtec’s values, and the capabilities of HSI certainly reflect this.

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