The performance of our new generation Celox-P-UHD has significantly improved, and the advantages are numerous, including an expanded tracking area, increased capacity, and higher grading accuracy. The addition of the specialised computing power provided by the Hailo accelerator has resulted in improving the machine’s ability to deal more effectively with foreign objects and abnormally-looking products, raising the machine’s accuracy and sorting results to new heights.

With these advancements, we’re setting new standards for potato processing efficiency and quality.

Application: Potatoes


Our new and improved camera section includes:

  • Newtec AI Vision Engine Gen3
  • Dual Lens Cameras
  • Next-Gen Hardware

This means:

  • Extra camera head
  • Near-infrared lighting for advanced defect detection
  • Dedicated AI processor (Hailo-8 AI-accelerator chip)
  • Using established machine learning libraries

We can guarantee the following advantages:

  • 400% more pixels processed
  • High efficiency at low power
  • Improved tracking accuracy
  • Increased robustness towards dirt and debris
  • Taking grading and the ‘seeing power’ to the next level

Modular design – expandable systems

Newtec’s optical sorting machine solutions are modular and scalable and can therefore be tailored to businesses of all sizes.

The machine can sort out up to 16 categories of products at the same time.

Sorting criteria for these are adaptable to individual needs, and premium products can easily be selected during the sorting process.