Newtec’s brand-new weighing machine is poised to redefine efficiency in the fresh produce weighing/packing process. With the ability to handle an impressive 100 packs per minute and with a compact footprint, the Model 4015XB2 offers maximum speed and space optimisation.

Its precision weighing capabilities ensure consistent and accurate packaging, meeting the demands of the modern produce industry.

Advantages include:

  • High weighing accuracy: Typical giveaway: less than 0.3%
  • High speed – up to 105 portions/min. at 2,5kg.
  • Flexible system for large and small fruits and vegetables
  • Gentle handling of the products and low-drop features
  • Remote servicing and data management through Newtec WebServices
  • Newtec MachineLink for all-in-one touchscreen management

The product application includes washed fruits and vegetables that range from citrus and similar fruits to potatoes, carrots and onions. The technology boasts a durable stainless steel construction, easy dismantling and assembly, easy cleaning and service features, reduced eco-footprint, and low ownership cost.


Weighing machine with 15 channels

Speed:   High speed – up to 105 portions/min. at 2,5 kg

Portion sizes 1kg – 10kg.

Weigh pan volume: 3,5L

Material: According to the EU/FDA rules on food contact materials

Protection class: IP54