10cm snap hanger

This hanger was born inheriting the features of the snap hanger family with a 10cm (3.9") length and a snap-in lock at the end of its lower arm. It can accommodate such products as small towels, hosieries and leggings, to name a few. The hanger can even be printed with your company name and logo to make your brand stand out.

Tennis sock hanger

The tennis sock hanger measures 5"x4.5" with a reticular holding panel that allows the barbs to easily go through the panel and keep the displayed socks in place. The hanger can accommodate two stacks of 3-pair socks and is a must-have to increase your in-store selling.

2-pair waterfall sock hanger

The 2-pair waterfall sock hanger is designed as an alternative to the slip-free single-layer hanger and the regular 2-tier sock hanger. With the slip resistant teeth on both arms, the hanger prevents socks from sliding out and falling off your display. Its waterfall design also allows your customers to see all displayed items.

Slipper hanger

The slipper hanger is an upgraded addition to our footwear hangers. This hanger comes with a pair of long hooks to hang your products and a wide brand tag to place your logo.

Heavy duty combo hanger

This hanger is an innovative design that holds a bag and box combo and meets the needs of hanging, shipping and displaying multi-layer packaging. The hanger has two tabs that fold over and snap into the inner bag. The back piece grabs the outer corrugated box to keep the bag and box attached to each other.