Pratham is the number one supplier of small paper folding machines. We have about 40+ different technologies developed so far, which can be used in various sectors of print finish and packaging.

These automatic paper folding machines are equipped with high-speed flat pile vacuum feeder, enabling them to handle a range of coated paper, non-coated paper and bible paper with ease and efficiency. A variety of folds like single, double or triple folds with different styles such as accordion fold, U fold and double parallel fold are also possible. Our range of pile feeders can fold up to six folds to a paper whose maximum length can go up to 18 inches.

The two models we offer are PGV-PF-615 and PGV-PF-618. The belt drive coupled with thick end plate ensures the machine’s smooth and low working noise. The cumbersome task of setting a new job is made easy with the availability of a caliper setting and jogging mode. An ideally located display panel indicates the folded sheets, batch count and productivity information about an ongoing job. A rotary scoring (creasing) attachment is provided at the delivery end.