Within environmental management, the reduction of the carbon footprint has become a major target of Folienprint.

As well as using of recyclable materials and lean processes, Folienprint has been developed the Starsaver®. The Starsaver® makes a formidable contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions.

The innovation substitutes energy intensive laminates and has similar characteristics. The advantage is the vapor deposition of metallic pigments to an oriented polypropylene and much lighter than aluminum.

The Starsaver® and his low weight enable sustainability by reducing the aluminum consumption up to 97%, compared to an aluminum laminate. It features an excellent barrier to gases and aroma, as well as a high product safety. Main products are coffee, tea, spices and other dry products packed by flow packs, stickpacks and sachets.

Folienprint offers a production of various laminates by combining extremely thin and lightweight layers according to the specific product. To provide sustainable and most efficient laminations Folienprint offers an own software calculator in cooperation with ClimatePartner. The emission of greenhouse gases of one production can be exactly calculated, to find the biggest causes and identify climate protect potentials such as Starsaver®.

Advantages include:

  • Vapor deposition of metallic pigments
  • High moisture barrier
  • High oxygen barrier
  • Metal adhesion
  • High protection of aroma
  • Puncturability
  • Sealability
  • Raw material saving
  • Competitive advantage
  • Carbon footprint reduction

Contact us and develop corporately with Folienprint your individual Starsaver® laminate for several packaging solutions.

Don’t talk sustainable, act sustainably.