Food grade substrate

Teslin® Food-Grade substrate is a microporous synthetic sheet material specifically engineered for food-contact packaging and labelling applications.

Thanks to its exceptional durability, breathability and conformability, Teslin Food-Grade substrate can help food manufacturers meet a variety of regulatory and marketing demands. On the regulatory side, it enables food manufacturers to combat food fraud and meet stringent food safety mandates by printing tamper-resistant labels with encrypted barcodes or quick-response (QR) codes that enable supply-chain traceability.

As a marketing tool, it is an ideal material for branding, packaging, protecting and displaying food goods.

Durable, breathable and conformable

Teslin Food-Grade substrate is based on the same technology that has made conventional Teslin substrate a material of choice for security credentials, RFIDs labels and other applications that demand the ultimate in print and label durability. It is:

  • Ice and steam-resistant
  • Tear, abrasion and chemical-resistant
  • Conformable
  • Pliable in extremely cold temperatures and able to survive heat of up to 170⁰C (338⁰F)
  • Flexible enough to withstand expansion and contraction when filling or shipping
  • Breathable to enable the diffusion of various gases

Designed for food-contact labelling and packaging, Teslin® Food-Grade substrate is ideal for use as traceability labels, which enable food companies to combat food fraud and better safe-guard their supply chain. Because of its exceptional colour and photo reproduction, Teslin Food-Grade substrate can also be used for high-visibility brand packaging, and for tamper-resistant security labels printed with encrypted barcodes or quick-response (QR) codes.

Easy, high-quality printability

Teslin Food-Grade substrate is compatible with a variety of printing technologies and provides rich, vibrant colour and crisp, clear print and photo definition. Fixed information can be printed via high-volume offset or flexographic processes; then variable information can be printed on-demand with digital technology.

As a result, it is especially well-suited for:

  • High-visibility brand packaging
  • Logistical tracking labels
  • Instructional information
  • Booklet labels
  • 2D encrypted barcode and QR-code labels
  • Tamper-evident labels

Regulatory information

When used as intended, Teslin Food-Grade substrate is fully compliant for singleand repeated-use applications under US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and all applicable US food additive regulations, with all types of food and under all conditions of use for which the substrate is technologically suitable.

Available thicknesses

Teslin Food-Grade substrate is available in thicknesses of 6mils-10mils (145, 178, 20 and 254 microns).