ThermoWash® labels easily detach from bottles in the washing process consistent with traditional paper labels. This allows a new label to take advantage of the benefits of pressure-sensitive each and every bottle trip.

The problem:

Beverage manufacturers from around the globe are rapidly converting to the graphic and performance benefits of pressure-sensitive labels, but tradiational constructions are not compatible with returnable bottle systems. Standard non-returnable (one-way) pressure-sensitive substrates are designed to be recycled and do not release cleanly in the bottle washing process causing efficiency and contamination issues.

The solution:

Offering the same graphic and performance benefits of tradiational single-use pressure-sensitive labels, ThermoWash labels easily detach from bottle under current industry conditions consistent with paper labels. The custom-designed adhesive with ‘de-tackifies’ during the bottle washing process and the label adhesive and face stock remain in one piece, allowing for easy remocal from the washer.

Product benefits:

No compromise on graphic, performance, or application seed of traditional pressure-sensitive labels.

Benefits include:

  • Utilises all existing print methods, while available in white, metalised and clear constructions
  • Graphic can be surface or subsurface printed and ink jet and laser coding are possible
  • Applies at speeds equal to current pressure-sensitive labels up to 1,000 bottles per minute
  • Withstands filling and distribution environments, including ice-water baths, with no adverse effects

Environmentally friendly:

  • Provides acceptable caustic pollution levels
  • Testing against DIN method 16524-7 INCO 69
  • Ink and adhesives remain attached to the label substrate through the entire label removal process
  • Krones, KHS, and SIG washer approvals
  • Labels can be incinerated
  • Withstands severe ageing and harsh environments