Flexo Concepts’ newest doctor blade innovation, TruPoint Orange®, is a next-generation polymer blade that can deliver precision metering in the most challenging printing and coating applications.

The stiffness of the material along with a precisely engineered MicroTip® edge allows the blade to achieve and maintain a fine contact area with the anilox roll. The engineered tip wears slowly and evenly and delivers a consistent ink or coating film thickness over the life of the blade, reducing waste and giving the printer more control over print and coating quality.

In label printing, flexible packaging and high-end corrugated applications, Orange can effectively meter line screens up to 2,000lpi/785Lpcm and produce graphics of the highest quality. The material will not produce metal fragments which can cause scoring, and the blades remain safe to handle, even when worn.

Orange has been proven to eliminate UV ink spitting in narrow web applications. The polymer material has a lower surface energy which allows the blades to deliver a fluid transfer of ink or coating with no spitting or slinging at high speeds. Orange is also a good blade choice for applying special effects coatings.

These blades are rigid and durable enough to withstand the coarse anilox surfaces and handle the high-viscosity and large particulate coating formulas.

Orange blades can be engineered to a full range of size and profile combinations to optimize metering performance and blade life. They range in thickness from .027in/.7mm to .050in/1.25mm to offer varying degrees of stiffness, rigidity and deflection. A range of MicroTips (M8, M10, M15 and M25) make the blades customizable for any application. By optimizing the MicroTip, blade life is improved 2x-4x over steel.