oxipack vltSmall-scale leaks in vacuum-packed products can initially be extremely difficult to identify.

In some cases micro leaks can only be detected by squeezing the package 12 to 56 hours after packaging. Then they are soft.

Oxipack provides an innovative alternative solution. By the Vacuum Leak Tester, (VLT) packs of coffee, rice, sliced cheese and many types of vacuum-packed foods can be tested for leaks.

After production the VLT can be used to trace leaks. As a result, the temporary storage can be greatly reduced or even become superfluous.


  • Non-destructive leak detection
  • Simple to operate and clean
  • No longer temporary storage
  • Due to its size and robustness, the VLT is perfectly suited for factory and industrial environments
  • Within 30 seconds leaks will be detected up to 10µm
  • Packages from 8.8oz (250g) to 35oz (1,000g) can be tested very accurately
  • Reduce wastage of food and materials
  • Prevent products rejected further down the supply chain