wemacut 640 RST is a rotary die-cutting machine offered by Wey Converting.

It is specially designed for cutting die-cut foils and paper such as laminates, to transport the cutouts and to wind up the grid.

Alternatively, the machine can slit the web longitudinally and wind up reels fully automatically.

wemacut 640 RST features:

  • Working width: 300mm-640mm
  • Maximum jumbo-roll weight: 170kg
  • Maximum jumbo-roll diameter: 600mm
  • Maximum rewind diameter: 200mm
  • Rewind width: 300mm-640mm
  • Rewind shaft: 25.4mm / 76mm
  • Rewind turret: optional

wemacut 640 RST features one die-cutting unit and one longitudinal slitting unit, as well as a punching grid rewinder. The machine can laminate up to 300gsm paper.