wemaroll 2500 URM one of the rewinders offered in Wey Converting’s wemaroll range.

The machine is ideal for cutting and rewinding fleece materials and other fabrics, as well as paper. Compact construction methods and the short distance from the slitting unit over the expander roll to the rewind station allow for the machine to rewind up to 30 uses on the axle.

Finished rolls are discharged over an elevated platform.

A powerful S7 control with am MP300 touch panel is available.

wemaroll 2500 URM features:

  • Maximum working width: 2500mm
  • Maximum jumbo-roll weight: 1,500kg
  • Maximum unwind diameter: 1,600mm
  • Unwind core diameter: 70mm / 70mm
  • Maximum rewind diameter: 1,200mm
  • Minimum slitting width: 30mm

The slitting system is alternatively crush or shearing cut.