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Bosch Packaging Technology’s plant in Hangzhou is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone in Zhejiang province, China. The plant is owned by Bosch Packaging Technology (Hangzhou), a Chinese subsidiary of the Germany-based packaging and process technology major.

The plant manufactures packaging machinery, 80% of which is sold in the Chinese market and the rest in south-east Asia. It caters to the pharmaceutical, food and confectionary industries.

The plant covers 3,000m² and employs nearly 390 workers. Producing 400 machines a year, it is the largest factory owned by Bosch in Asia.

Bosch Packaging Technology (Hangzhou) background

"The plant manufactures packaging machinery, 80% of which is sold in the Chinese market and the rest in south-east Asia."

Bosch Packaging Technology (Hangzhou) was founded in 2001 with 14 employees. The assembly line was opened in January 2002 with the first machinery assembled for the pharmaceutical industry.

The production line began operations in June 2003; a sales, marketing and after-sales office was opened in September 2003. Production of packaging machinery for the confectionery industry began in 2005.

In October 2006, the factory was shifted to its current premises in the Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone to facilitate expansions.

Expansion plans for Bosch’s Chinese plant

Bosch embarked on an expansion of the plant in May 2011. It was officially opened in October, coinciding with ten years of the plant’s operations and the 125th anniversary of the Bosch Group.

"Producing 400 machines a year, it is the largest factory owned by Bosch in Asia."

The expansion added a third floor to the building with 1,400m² of space. It accommodates 120 new employees. The company invested CNY9.6m (€1.1m) in the expansion.

By 2011, CNY87 million (€10m) was invested in the expansions. The 2011 expansion was the second one since the facility had been shifted to the economic zone. The previous expansion was undertaken in 2010 at an investment of CNY8m (€927,000). It doubled the shop floor area to 9,000m².

The company planned another expansion in 2012 and completed it in March 2013 with an investment of €6.6m. The expansion added 8,000m² of space to the building. The plant building now has a production area of 13,600m² and overall built up area of 24,400m².

Bosch Packaging Technology (Hangzhou) site and plant details

The plant was shifted to the Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone from its previous location, to cater for the expanding production plans of the company. In addition to tax concessions, the site provides the advantage of proximity to the market.

The facility is strategically located near the pharmaceutical and food industry hubs which it caters to. The zone has five pillar industries: biology and pharmaceutical, food processing, machinery and electronics, high-tech chemistry, textiles and chemical fibre.

The zone is located on the banks of the Qiantang River and is 20km from Hangzhou.

Bosch’s Hangzhou plant is a three-storey building, with the third constructed under the 2011 expansion. It houses an R&D facility in addition to the machine manufacturing space.

Packaging systems and technology manufactured at the complex

"Bosch Packaging Technology (Hangzhou) was founded in 2001 with 14 employees."

The Hangzhou facility manufactures the complete production line for the pharmaceutical industry.

Its product line includes pure steam generators, water stills and autoclaves, capsule filling and closing machines and filling and sealing machines for vials and infusion bottles, along with presterilised syringes.

The GKF series capsule filling and closing machines were the first to be manufactured at the plant.

To the food industry it supplies food wrapper machines and fill-and-seal machines. The plant produces high capacity candy production lines, beaters, belt coaters, extruders, automatic forming machines for filled and unfilled high boiled sweets, flow packers and mini-bag form fill-and-seal machines for the confectionary industry.

Bosch Packaging Technology’s Chinese presence

Bosch established its packaging machinery manufacturing business in China in April 2001. It claims to be the largest local supplier of packaging machinery in the country, with an annual growth rate of 15%.

Pharmaceutical machinery has always been its main area of business, with nearly 50% of the sales coming from this industry. Food and confectionary industries are the other two core areas.

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