The Dortmund facility’s modernisation project involved the automation of infrastructure and processes. Credit: KHS Group.
The project allowed KHS to modernise the sheet metal manufacturing department. Credit: KHS Group.
KHS also renovated canteen and office space at the facility. Credit: KHS Group.
The Dortmund facility is involved in the manufacturing of filling and packaging systems. Credit: KHS Group.
The company launched a new can packaging system at the Interpack packaging fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, in May 2020. Credit: KHS Group.

KHS Group is upgrading and expanding its manufacturing headquarters at Juchostraße in Dortmund, Germany. The modernisation project will automate and digitalise the infrastructure and processes at the production facility.

The project involves an investment of €20m ($22m) and is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2020. It will improve the company’s competitiveness and support the growth of the local economy.

The company is also supporting the development of a Science 2.0 master plan that was approved by the Dortmund Council in November 2019.

KHS Plant modernisation details

The manufacturing facility’s modernisation involves multiple initiatives, including extensive process optimisation. It includes the expansion of the production area and the renovation of the machine park.

A new production building covering an area of 4,300m² was built at the Dortmund site, while an old production facility at the location was also upgraded as part of the project. The shop floor and the roof were renovated and the Sheet Metal Manufacturing Department was optimised.

“In 2016, the company incorporated hydroelectric power at its facilities in Germany.”

The company invested in new technology, including an efficient fibre laser and a combined punching machine. A fully networked sheet metal warehouse was also established at the plant.

In addition, the project merged the technology for container and pack conveyors and increased the efficiency of order processing.

The modernisation allows the company to customise its filling and packaging systems to meet the requirements of clients in the beverage industry. The optimisation of the processes and systems at the KHS plant has resulted in simplified production sequences. The project also involved the renovation of the factory canteen, workstations and office buildings.

Sustainability features implemented by the company

KHS develops plastic containers using recycled raw materials with an emphasis on improving the carbon footprint during the packaging and manufacturing process.

In 2016, the company incorporated hydroelectric power at its facilities in Germany. The initiative allowed the reduction of 9,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions. KHS launched Beyond Juice, its first polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle made using 100% recycled PET with a barrier, to support a circular economy.

KHS product portfolio

The company’s product portfolio includes bottle washing, labelling, and pasteurisation machines, as well as container conveyor technology for beverage production.

In the food industry, KHS offers InnoPET FreshSafe stretch blow moulding coating, InnoPET FreshSafe TriBlock stretch blow moulding, combined packaging system Innopack TLM, and compact InnoDry Block for blocking process. The company also provides machines and equipment for PET processing, filling, packing systems, labelling, palletising, and conveyor technology.

Offerings in the non-food industry include KHS InnoPET Blomax Series V (PET processing), Innoket Neo KL cold glue labelling station, Innoket Roland 40, KHS Innoket Neo SK labelling machine, and Innoket Neo Flex (labelling).

KHS also manufactures Innopack Kisters WP-030 wrap-around packer, Innopack Scandia H Series / 420 hand-load cartoning machine, and the Innopack Kisters CSM handle applicator.

Marketing commentary on KHS

KHS provides packaging and filling equipment for customers in the beverage, food and non-food industries. The German company was formed by the merger of Holstein & Kappert and Seitz-Werke in 1993.

In addition to companies in Germany, KHS Group operates subsidiaries in the US, India, Mexico, China and Brazil. KHS has expertise in PET containers and specialised filling lines.

The company employs 5,149 personnel and reported a turnover of €1.26bn ($1.37bn) in 2019. The Dortmund facility and the sites in Bad Kreuznach, Worms, and Kleve are specialised in the production of modern packaging and filling systems, while the Hamburg facility is dedicated to innovative PET packaging and coating systems.