KraussMaffei Group's Sucany production plant was opened in October 2010.
The Sucany plant was expanded in November 2012.
The Sucany plant assembles KraussMaffei's AX series injection moulding machines.

Construction of the new plant in Sucany enhanced the company's production portfolio

KraussMaffei Group, a manufacturer of injection moulding equipment based in Germany, opened its new production plant in Sucany (near Martin) in Slovakia during October 2010. KraussMaffei had been present in Martin since 2005. Construction of the new plant in Sucany enhanced the company’s production portfolio and also helped in streamlining its internal processes.

By investing in the plant, KraussMaffei was also able to strengthen its business in Eastern Europe, where demand is growing steadily. The plant enabled the company to improve the working conditions for its employees too.

In December 2011, KraussMaffei announced its plans to expand the Sucany plant. The expansion was completed in November 2012. It nearly doubled the surface area of the plant’s production space, from 6,600 square metres (71,041 square feet) to 13,000 square metres (139,930 square feet), by adding a second assembly hall.

Expanding the Slovakian production facility

The Sucany plant earlier manufactured switch cabinets and moulds for injection moulding machines and tooling parts for plastics machinery. It also assembled KraussMaffei’s AX series machines.

"KraussMaffei was able to strengthen its business in Eastern Europe, where demand is growing steadily."

The latest expansion enables the plant to manufacture EX series machines and robots. The plant will also manufacture reaction process and component trimming machines.

KraussMaffei has made number of improvements to the Sucany facility as part of the expansion project. These improvements were mainly in the areas of production processes and quality management. The development and design process of the electric injection moulding machines was also improved.

Expansion will double the production capacity of the plant. It was originally scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2013 but was completed well ahead of schedule.

The expansion created approximately 80 new jobs at the plant, increasing the total number of employees at the facility to around 200.

KraussMaffei’s injection moulding machines

Injection moulding is KraussMaffei’s largest division. The company manufactures various types of injection moulding machines, which are designated as AX, CX, EX and MX series. The AX series electric machines help in reducing production costs. The CX series is suitable for small to medium clamp force ranges.

"Apart from the Sucany plant, KraussMaffei also announced the expansion of its Haiyan plant in China."

Fast cycle times, high precision and cleanliness can be achieved through use of the EX series machines. The MX series uses innovative injection moulding technology.

AX series injection moulding machines assembled at the Sucany plant are highly energy efficient, precise and can be used for carrying out stable processes. They occupy less space and have reduced maintenance costs.

The machines are available in clamp forces ranging from 50t to 350t, making them suitable for a wide range of uses. The Sucany plant assembles AX series machines up to 350t.

The AX series machines feature an LRX linear robot, a moving platen, an MC5 control system, regenerative braking, Siemens converter and all-electric drives. A key feature of the machines is the five-point toggle system, which consumes less energy.

KraussMaffei’s EX series machines are also electric injection moulding machines. Instead of the five-point toggle system, the EX series features a unique Z toggle which provides high precision to the machines.

Marketing commentary for the German company

KraussMaffei operates through 140 subsidiaries located across the world. It offers a range of products based on injection and reaction moulding technology.

Expansion of the Sucany plant was undertaken just one year after the opening of the plant, indicating the strong growth rate in the region.

Apart from the Sucany plant, KraussMaffei also announced the expansion of its Haiyan plant in China. The expansion is scheduled for completion in 2013 and will increase the production area of the plant from 12,000 square metres (129,167 square feet) to 22,000 square metres (236,806 square feet).

The Haiyan plant already produces machines which use KraussMaffei’s reaction and extrusion technology. The expansion will enable the plant to produce Netstal injection moulding machines and machines for PET applications. It will also produce the MX series injection moulding machines.

The expansion plans are part of KraussMaffei’s strategy to focus on emerging markets as well as on Eastern Europe where demand for its products is growing.

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