Packaging Technology Group opened its new packaging facility in Louisville, in June 2020. Credit: Packaging Technology Group.
Packaging Technology Group’s new manufacturing facility is located at Glengarry Drive, Fairdale, in Kentucky. Credit: Packaging Technology Group.
Packaging Technology Group launched TRUEtemp™ Naturals Cellulose Shipper in January 2020. Credit: Packaging Technology Group.

Packaging Technology Group (PTG), a provider of thermal packaging solutions, opened its new manufacturing facility in Louisville, Kentucky, US, in June 2020.

The new facility will allow the company to increase its thermal packaging product offerings for the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industry.

Announced in January 2020, the project development has been supported by the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA) and the governments of Louisville and Kentucky. 

Packaging Technology Group’s facility details

The facility is located at 1001 Glengarry Drive in Louisville’s Fairdale locality and employs approximately 40 production and operations specialists.

PTG has made a significant investment in the laboratory equipment, production and infrastructure at the new facility.

Spread across 42,000ft², the Kentucky facility will be mainly used for the production of sustainable thermal materials. The facility will allow the company to expand its TRUEtemp Naturals® Cellulose product line of 100% curbside recyclable and repulpable solutions. 

With its advanced logistics hub, the company will continue to attract new customers that seek to optimise product delivery worldwide. PTG’s innovation initiatives and advanced manufacturing capabilities will further help to meet the specific needs of the companies. 

Sustainable features implemented by Packaging Technology Group

Packaging Technology Group aims to become a sustainable thermal shipping partner while fulfilling the complex needs of its customers. It has been developing an innovative dual-temperature solution using sustainable materials to improve environmentally friendly shipping solutions.

The company is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) and is committed to manufacturing environment-sensitive products while maintaining sustainability. Its TRUEtemp Naturals® provides recyclable packaging and meets the required sustainability level.

The company’s product offerings have saved more than 450,000lb of expanded polystyrene (EPS) from landfills, which is expected to double by 2021. 

Packaging Technology Group’s product portfolio

The company’s product range includes TRUEtemp® VIP Shippers, TRUEtemp® Carboy Shippers, TRUEtemp® Naturals and TRUEtemp® PUR Shippers.

“The company is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) and is committed to manufacturing environment-sensitive products while maintaining sustainability.”

The TRUEtemp® polyurethanes (PUR) containers are manufactured using high-performance PUR to meet the need for extended shipping duration of high-value products. The TRUEtemp® VIP (vacuum insulated panels) products provide thermal efficiency and reduce the use of phase change materials (PCM).

TRUEtemp® Carboy shippers are made from expanded polystyrene to safely transport temperature sensitive liquids in 10l or 15l containers.

Made using EPS, the TRUEtemp® EPS-moulded containers are designed for the shipment of products such as vaccines, lab specimens, biotech, plasma and pharmaceutical products.

Other product offerings of the company include nine new pre-qualified solutions and phase-change materials. The phase-change materials product portfolio includes Cool Gel®, Hydrosleeve™, and Cool Brick™. The product range also includes bottles and pouches that offer solutions for extreme temperatures and extended shipping lengths.

In April 2020, PTG introduced a sustainable dual temperature pharmaceutical shipper as an addition to its TRUEtemp Naturals®Cellulose shippers product line.

The environmentally sustainable TRUEtemp Naturals® Cellulose shippers are made using recyclable paper, corrugate and wood. 

Marketing commentary on PTG

Packaging Technology Group is a provider of custom thermal and off-the-shelf packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharma industries. Established in 2005, the company is headquartered in Fall River, Massachusetts, US.

PTG has been providing temperature-sensitive and advanced thermal shipping systems for biologics companies since 2005 and celebrated its 15th year of operation in 2020. Packaging Technology Group follows ISO 9001:2015 quality standards for the manufacture of its shipping solutions.

The company recently entered agreements with two of the leading 20 pharmaceutical companies for strengthening its position in the engineering and designing of thermal packaging solutions.