Röchling Maywo’s Bad Grönenbach site was opened in June 2018. Credit: Röchling Maywo.
The €5m ($5.87m) investment included the addition of a production and new logistics hall. Credit: Röchling Maywo.
The Maywotron brand of transport trays are made up of electrically-conductive plastic, which protects sensitive electronic components during production. Credit: of Röchling Maywo.

Röchling Maywo expanded its production plant in Bad Grönenbach, Germany, with an investment of €5m (approximately $5.87m).

The expansion project included the construction of a new logistics hall, which created more than 25 new jobs.

The expansion was intended to further strengthen the company’s market position as a leading manufacturer of vacuum formable sheets and foils in Europe.

Röchling Maywo is primarily engaged in the manufacturing of sheets and foils, which are used exclusively by the thermoforming industry.

The expansion works were completed in June 2018.

Bad Groenbach facility details

Röchling Group’s Röchling Engineering Plastics acquired MAYWO Kunststoff, a plastic processing company based in South Germany, in September 2012.

MAYWO Kunststoff produced plastic sheets and films at its facility in Bad Grönenbach-Thal.

Röchling Group’s addition of Röchling Maywo increased the company’s turnover by 64%, while the expansion of the facility further contributed to the company’s growth.

The inclusion of MAYWO in Röchling’s high-performance plastics division led the way for the development of new materials and technologies, as well as an extension of the division’s product range and the internationalisation of its sales markets.

Röchling Maywo’s Bad Grönenbach-Thal facility manufactures plastic sheets and films made from acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and polystyrene (PS) materials through extrusion processes.

The single-layer and co-extruded ABS and PS materials are manufactured either in film or sheet form, while the regenerates are manufactured in polystyrene and ABS and delivered with code stripes or in co-ex designs.

In addition, the high-impact polystyrene products are manufactured in mono, two, and three layer co-extrudate configurations.

The expansion of the facility  included the construction of a new10,000m² warehouse, a 5,000m² production hall and a large employee car park.

“The expansion of the facility included the construction of a new10,000m² warehouse, a 5,000m² production hall and a large employee car park.”

Products manufactured at the Maywo facility

Products manufactured at the Maywo facility are used to produce components in vacuum forming processes across a number of sectors including automotive, electronics, mechanical engineering, transport packaging, interior fittings and sports.

The sheets and foils produced by Röchling Maywo are used to create ceiling or wall cladding in trains and coaches.

The facility also manufactures workpiece carriers for the electronics industry, which are made of electrically conductive plastics and are mainly used in computer chips and PCBs.

Rochling Maywo’s product line

The company’s product range includes MAYWOflamm plastics, MAYWOflamm plus material, conductive / dissipative material, regenerates, and ABS and PS materials, as well as high-impact PS.

MAYWOflamm plastics are designed to impede or delay the sequence of events in a combustion process, resulting in the reduction of thermal feedback.

The company manufactures flame-retardant types of polymers and polymer blends for a diverse range of applications, in addition to flame-retardant additives.

Flame-retardant plastics are used in the transportation, housing, electrical and construction industries.

Röchling Maywo uses the new MAYWOflamm plus material to manufacture sheets for the vacuum drawing industry.

The addition of MAYWOflamm plus has enabled the company to be the first to supply extruded sheets made of flame-retardant polycarbonate / acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (PC / ABS blend).

The company’s electrically conductive MAYWOtron products safeguard the electronic devices from electro-static phenomena.

Its conductive / dissipative material is widely used in the electronic industry, as well as in the manufacturing of packaging and trays.

Marketing commentary

Founded in 1982 as MAYWO Kunststoff, Röchling Maywo commenced production on a used roll extruder.

The company employs more than 140 people and is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of single-layer and co-extruded sheets and foils.

Röchling Maywo is now part of the industrial division of Röchling Group, which offers a large selection of thermoplastics and composites for technical applications.

The company’s product range includes semi-finished products such as sheets, round rods, tubes, and profiles, in addition to finished castings and precision-machined parts.