UNITED CAPS’ new closures manufacturing facility will be located in Kulim High Tech Park, Malaysia. Credit: UNITED CAPS.
Greencap is a light snap closure with a better surface finish. Credit: UNITED CAPS.
Proslit closure, designed by UNITED CAPS, features a PA/PET chemical barrier. Credit: UNITED CAPS.
Protecscoop is a flip-top hinged closure designed for one-handed preparation of feeding bottles. Credit: UNITED CAPS.
UNITED CAPS inaugurated the new manufacturing facility in Kulim, Malaysia, in October 2019. Credit: UNITED CAPS.
The facility is part of UNITED CAPS’ ‘Close to You’ strategy to set up manufacturing operations close to regional demand. Credit: UNITED CAPS.

UNITED CAPS, a packaging solutions provider based in Luxembourg, commissioned a new plastic caps and closures manufacturing facility in Malaysia in October 2019.

The new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in the Kulim High Tech Park in Kulim District, Kedah, Malaysia. It serves as UNITED CAPS’ first production facility in south-east Asia.

The facility was developed as part of the company’s ‘Close to You’ strategy, aimed at setting up manufacturing operations close to regional demand.

UNITED CAPS launched 127 SAFE-TE, a next-generation closure for infant nutrition and baby food safety, during the opening ceremony of the Kulim facility. The Malaysian plant started producing SAFE-TE for the Asian market in September 2020.

The new facility enables the company to meet the growing demand for caps and closures while localising the production of its closure technologies in the south-east Asian market. The project created 20 new jobs in the region.

UNITED CAPS Malaysian plant details

The new state-of-the-art facility produces a wide range of plastic closures and caps for infant nutrition and agrochemicals, including the standard closures Greencap, Proslit and Protecscoop, as well as the new SAFE-TE.

The facility is capable of designing lightweight and eco-friendly closures made from plant-based plastics. The closures will use fewer materials, which ultimately helps to reduce the levels of harmful greenhouse gas emitted into the atmosphere.

UNITED CAPS is also expanding its sales and distribution channels in the Asian market as part of its expansion into the region. The expansion will enable the company to distribute the products manufactured at the Malaysian facility and better serve its customers in the region.

Products manufactured at the new facility

Greencap, Proslit and Protecscoop are some of the innovative standard closures manufactured by UNITED CAPS.

The Greencap snap closures produce more than twice the capping speeds of traditional closures. The light-weight closure features a better surface finish, which is suitable for the packaging needs of the Asian market.

The UN-compliant 50 and 63 Proslit closures are available with standard polyethylene foam and induction heat seal liner, which offers resistance against cracking. The closures feature a polyamide (PA)/polyethylene terephthalate (PET) chemical barrier making it reliable and suitable for all chemical products.

The 360° wheel design of the Proslit closures offers a fine grip for easy opening. The closures also feature branding options for maximum shelf standout.

The Protecscoop closure is designed for preparing feeding bottles using one hand. The flip-top hinged closure features a contamination-free foil-sealed chamber that protects the attached scoop until it is used.

The scoop is available in dose ranges between 8ml and 13ml. The handle of the scoop is in the form of a thumb, which makes it easy to use.

The new SAFE-TE is a flip-top hinged closure, which has been designed to allow easy preparation of infant feeding bottles. It provides highly visible evidence of any tampering with a ‘drop down’ lock that clearly indicates whether the product has been opened or not.

Marketing commentary on UNITED CAPS

Founded in 1939, UNITED CAPS is a plastic caps and closures manufacturer. The company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of industrial sectors, such as beverages, dairy products, baby foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and agrochemicals.

UNITED CAPS has a presence in multiple countries in Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania. The company operates 16 sales representations across Europe and has production plants in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Llagostera and Luxembourg.