Smart and simple packaging stand out as ways to connect with consumer interests and concerns

25 February 2019 (Last Updated February 26th, 2019 15:23)

Smart and simple packaging stands out as addressing key consumer needs and concerns. These styles of packaging can add value to a product by giving consumers more information about the brand or by directly expressing sustainable values through simple and environmentally friendly packaging. These packaging innovations are especially appealing to younger consumers who view standout packaging as more favorable.

Packaging is a key differentiator for consumers both in the aisle and in the home

Smart packaging can be used by brands to enhance the applications of products and to engage with consumers, though some point out that there could be problems when it comes to the recycling of this type of packaging. However, recent innovations are showing that both smart and sustainable packaging trends can exist and grow harmoniously. This should ensure the growth of both of these trends in the future.

Research from GlobalData showed that half of consumers globally find the idea of interactive packaging “exciting” or “nice to have”, while 8% even considered it to be “essential”. By incorporating new technologies into packaging designs, such as sharing additional brand information, product information, or by connecting with an online social media platform, brands can improve the user experience.

Packaging is critical for building positive perceptions of a brand as well as winning over new consumers. When standing in a shopping aisle, the packaging is the initial differentiator for consumers. Incorporating novel packaging can help define a product as either innovative or environmentally friendly.

GlobalData’s report, “Smart and Simple Packaging”, examines consumer preferences and industry trends in packaging, particularly those with digitally connected and environmentally friendly positionings. It examines why these innovations are important, who the target market is, and how FMCG brands can best capitalize on the trend.

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