Koehler’s recycled paper has been delighting customers worldwide for decades. The paper produced at the company’s location in Greiz, Germany, is versatile and available in a wide range of colours. The paper has now been optimised for the packaging industry and is already being utilised successfully.

Packaging-gateway.com interviewed Udo Hollbach, managing director of Koehler Greiz GmbH & Co. KG.

What are the newest Koehler innovations in recycled paper for packaging?

Udo Hollbach: Our recycled paper is made of 100% secondary fibre materials. And our clients in no way have to do without brilliant colours. This recycled paper meets consumer demand for material that does not pose a risk to health or the environment. It complies with the strict guidelines of the German environmental seal of quality ‘Blue Angel’. For our clients who process this paper, we have made sure that it is suitable for all printing techniques and further processing. Thus, our recycled paper is ideal for offset, digital, flexographic, screen and letterpress printing.

How do you see the market for this paper in the short to medium term?

Sustainability is not merely a trend and cannot simply be paid lip service. We are in the midst of the greening of the economy. There could hardly be a more suitable pioneer for recycled paper. Recycled paper scores better in a lifecycle assessment than paper made of fresh pulp, without any compromises in terms of appearance or feel or further processed options. Recycled paper is simply in keeping with the times. It allows ecologically sound products to be packaged in an ecologically sound way. The fact is that you can literally ‘feel’ the environmental friendliness of this paper when you touch it, making it reliable and sustainable. The signs are clearly pointing toward growth for this paper.

What are the international trends here?

Brand owners are seeking a closed-loop for their paper and board. The consumers really appreciate it when they see manufacturers taking back their packaging material and making new packaging out of it. Now more than ever, packaging is an important part of a product’s story. However, the tale that they are telling is a new one. The products are quasi-calling out to the consumers: “Buy me, so you won’t have a guilty conscious”.

What are the main arguments of your clients for choosing recycled paper from Koehler?

We help make products more ecological. To a certain extent, our paper guarantees an impulse to buy. It protects the packaged product, ensures trouble-free transport and offers security. Our products are recyclable and made of recycled material.