Fruit and vegetable producers have a lot to consider when it comes to delivering the most high-quality and profitable produce to supermarkets, with matters extending beyond the fields and into the packhouses. Every packhouse looks different but something they all require is an optimal, cost-effective solution for weighing and packaging products.

For a growing number of packhouses, this looks like automation, with high-tech weighing machinery taking packaging operations to an unbeatable level of efficiency and accuracy. Nevertheless, there remain industry concerns when it comes to transitioning to automation. These include the machines’ cost, the accuracy of their portions, and whether they will handle the products gently enough.

Newtec, a leading business in fruit and vegetable weighing technology, is naturally familiar with these questions. The company has delivered more than 20,000 solutions to various packhouses and helped countless customers fully benefit from the true value of automated weighing technology. spoke to Newtec to answer some of the frequently asked questions that every prospective customer has before making their investment.

What cost savings do automatic fruit and vegetable weighing machines provide?

There are four key weighing and packaging-related questions that most food companies have: how can I reduce my product give-away, how can I reduce my labour costs, how can I get more output, and finally, how can I do all this while keeping running costs low?

Automatic weighing machines address all these concerns and will deliver significant cost savings for your company. When setting up a weighing machine, operators enter a target weight that the machine will match. On Newtec machines, the accuracy level is so high that the amount of product being given away is kept at an absolute minimum. This is as low as 0.2% for the Multihead Weigher, model 4016-4RW.

Even with low running costs, Newtec machines operate at high speeds of up to 90 portions per minute, ensuring high product output and a level of efficiency completely unrivalled by manual labour. In addition, escalating labour costs will of course be slashed. This accuracy, efficiency and low cost of ownership means that every Newtec customer is guaranteed to witness attractive cost savings.

What kind of flexibility do Newtec weighing machines offer?

Each Newtec solution offers high levels of flexibility. From their ability to handle a range of different products and packaging types or, for example, the Mini Weigher’s ability to operate standalone or connected to other machines for mixed packs, the flexibility incorporated in each Newtec solution reflects the company’s understanding of the varied and evolving needs of the food packaging industry and enables customers to get maximum value out of their purchase. As such, all Newtec machines are designed to work together, in terms of product handling, signalling and data, ensuring total integration and optimal production.

Newtec head of sales and market development Thomas Heinicke summarises: “We see that it’s becoming more important for our customers to increase the number of products that they can handle in the same space as before, so we typically move them from older, existing machines to faster and more advanced models while also incorporating more flexibility into the system.”

Are Newtec weighing machines worth the investment?

Satisfying and even exceeding the customers’ expectations with high-quality, high-performance weighing machines is a commitment that runs deep in Newtec’s DNA. The machines are engineered and constructed in Denmark by a company that has more than 40 years of experience.

Durable and robust, they are made from stainless-steel and are equipped with upgradable software to ensure they continue to work efficiently and effectively throughout their lifetime. When Newtec machines continue to work consistently, delivering speed, efficiency and low product giveaway, you have as a customer a very quick return on investment and a truly optimised weighing and packaging line. In addition, low maintenance and therefore less downtime (with quick repairs and spare parts delivery from Newtec when needed) minimise the machines’ total cost of ownership (TCO), making your purchase 100% worthwhile.

Does Newtec deliver customised weighing solutions?

Customising weighing solutions is at the heart of Newtec’s business. To thoroughly understand what is required by each customer, Newtec listens closely to their specific needs and desires. With this key information, the company has what it needs to tailor its solutions and innovate where necessary. This amount of close attention and effort is put into all projects both large and small.

“Satisfying and even exceeding the customers’ expectations with high-quality, high-performance weighing machines is a commitment that runs deep in Newtec’s DNA.”

There is essentially just one type of Newtec weighing machine but it is modular, meaning that engineers add the modules needed for each project and modify the weighing machine to make it unique. Having helped many clients all over the world, the innovative company has worked through a wide range of challenges and is always ready for the next.

Mr Heinicke believes this is one thing that makes the company special: “One of the things that makes Newtec stand out of the crowd is the willingness to go the extra mile, the willingness to listen to the exact needs specified by the customer and the willingness to customise our solutions accordingly.”

How can Newtec increase my company’s competitiveness?

By incorporating flexibility and aligning with the food industry’s trends, Newtec machines are specially designed to improve their users’ competitiveness. With the cost savings that the weighing machines provide by reducing labour, lowering product overfill and increasing efficiency, more money can be invested elsewhere in your business. Furthermore, the fact that the machines are flexible enough to handle a range of different products and packaging materials enables companies to increase their product offering all from one machine, another clear competitive advantage.

Newtec weighing machines are designed to be very gentle with the product. For example, the Mini Weigher is an ideal solution for weighing small, fragile foods such as berries and pre-cut soft fruits. This is, among other reasons, due to its low drop height, which ensures premium quality products.

The company’s technical sales head Christian Villadsen explains this by saying: “We improve the way they handle their products, always focusing on quality, to make sure that the outcome is marketable and profitable end products.”

What sets Newtec apart from competitors?

Newtec has weighing machines for all products and portion sizes, enabling it to match any request. The company knows exactly what it is that its customers are looking for and has developed a tried and trusted method to ensure each customer ends up with the right machine. Its state-of-the-art weighing machinery takes production to a whole other level, increasing accuracy, speed and flexibility while being built-to-last and simple to use, with intuitive touch screens and easy maintenance.

For Newtec, upholding the customer’s trust by sticking to promises is crucial and always involves delivering on time and providing reliable machines with excellent back-up. The company has found the right and skilled partners to form local service teams for its global client base. This means that dedicated service technicians are never far away to set up, upgrade and, when needed, fix the equipment for the entirety of its lifetime, with no language or cultural barriers. This paves the way for repeat business and long-term customer relations.