Cincinnati-based recyclable, sustainable packaging producer ProAmpac has unveiled four new ranges of packaging solutions.

The new products are known as ProActive Recyclable, ProActive Compostable, ProActive Renewable and ProActive PCR.

The ProActive Recyclable products are unique, high performance products which can be processed after use through typical plastic recycling streams. They come in the form of stand-up pouches, quad seal pouches, rollstock for form/fill/seal applications, sandwich wrap, retail handled shopping bags, lawn and leaf bags and more.

ProActive Compostable products biodegrade in industrial composting facilities. ProAmpac is able to work with its customers to work compostability into their paper packaging solutions, a particularly attractive option when packaging a compostable product such as garden waste or food.

Products in the ProActive Renewable range are based from a bio-based feedstock, like sugarcane or corn. These take the form of large disposal bags for lawn and garden waste.

Finally, the ProActive PCR range are a series of products which contain post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) from non-virgin, recycled plastic resin sources. ProAmpac is able to incorporate PCR into materials to meet customer sustainability and carbon footprint reduction goals.

ProAmpac has an ongoing commitment to producing environmentally sound packaging solutions

ProAmpac chief commercial officer Adam Grose said: “We are advancing our corporate commitment to deliver and develop the sustainable flexible packaging that our customers and their consumers want and need.

“These new product groups are part of our ProActive Sustainability initiative. They make it easier for CPGs and other manufacturers to order sustainable packaging from ProAmpac, and to more accurately label the sustainable solutions they in turn offer consumers.”

ProAmpac’s ProActive Sustainability policy is focused on achieving a cleaner, greener future. The company is focused on developing sustainable packaging products which are flexible in their application and can be used to package multiple types of products.

You can visit ProAmpac’s website here.