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Callum Tyndall is the editor of Power Technology, Mining Technology, and Offshore Technology.

The next five years: how are pack formats changing?

Packaging is rapidly evolving as manufacturers struggle with sustainability, experiment with new materials, and engage with emerging trends. We examine the changing shape of packaging.

Vision for the future: assessing the packaging industry’s technological position

With the rapid pace of technological change, it can be hard to keep up with where the industry stands. Callum Tyndall speaks to Steve Matthews, regional manager for the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia at BALDWIN Vision Systems, about the state of the UK packaging market and new technology’s place in it.

Elevated appeal: smart packaging increases the value of cosmetic offerings

Across the packaging sector, new technology and techniques are elevating the sensory appeal of products. Cosmetic packaging represents a particular opportunity for these techniques, from 3D designs to conductive ink. Callum Tyndall finds out more.

Striving for sustainability: is the industry living up to consumer demand?

With a survey finding that 89% of the UK believes that packaging should change to be more sustainable, it would seem that supply would follow demand. Callum Tyndall explores where the industry is doing best and what may be holding sustainability back.

In the new issue of Inside Packaging: can the industry match consumer demand for sustainability?

In this issue: consumer demand for sustainability, smart packaging for cosmetics, Tetra Pak’s preparations for Industry 4.0, how packaging can add value to the make-up sector, and more

Pret a Manger’s allergy incidents: a sign of lacking labelling regulation?

Following the allergy related death of a Pret a Manger customer in 2016, an inquest has found that six related cases of allergic reactions had been logged in the year prior. Callum Tyndall asks whether the company did enough to warn of allergens, and what role UK labelling regulation played in the case.

Inside Packaging: Issue 43

In this issue: paper’s potential in the war on plastic, packaging solutions to reducing food waste, the role of labelling regulations in the Pret a Manger inquest, how packaging can add value to the skincare sector, and more

The frozen food aisle and the problem of plastic packaging

The plastic pollution debate is more prominent than ever. With many companies pledging to go ‘plastic-free’, how easy is this to implement in the frozen food section? With plastic historically used to enhance shelf life, Callum Tyndall asks how practical it is for companies to completely eliminate plastic packs.

Intelligent solutions: smart packs

Interactive beer glasses that react to specific moments of action at sporting events have been used to engage with NFL football fans. Maker of ‘live sports celebration products’ Buzz Connect created 80,000 interactive beer cups for the Super Bowl that lit up when a team scored a touchdown. Callum Tyndall finds out more about smart pack solutions.

Persuasive labels: how to ignite consumer loyalty

A new psychological study from Avery UK reveals the extent to which product labels and label design can increase sales and even ignite consumer loyalty. Callum Tyndall finds out more about the study and how product labels could influence consumer behaviour.