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Rankings: Research and Development

This category includes organisations that have demonstrated a commitment to the research and development of new products and processes

Rankings: Product Launches

The Product Launches category recognises companies that have launched notable new products or services into the market


A leading die-cutting technology company based in Widnau Switzerland ranked in our Product Launch category


Amcor is a multinational packaging firm that is ranked in six categories in the 2022 Packaging Gateway Excellence Rankings.

Rankings: Investments

The Investments category looks at any significant financial investments into a company or its assets, specifically those investments that facilitate expansion of a company’s operations

Rankings: Innovation

Innovation is the category with one of the widest scopes within the Excellence Rankings as it looks at novel new approaches in every area, from the fruits of research and development to novel new business practices

Rankings: Environmental

The category highlights companies that are undertaking projects that reduce their impact on the natural environment

Rankings: Business Expansion

Business Expansion is one of our largest categories and looks at the core functions of business operations within the sector

Packaging Gateway Excellence Awards 2021 – Winners Announced!

The results are in for the Packaging Gateway Excellence Awards. Download our free report to find out who this year’s winners are.