profile flex

ProfileFlex Modular Conveyor System is now available in North America, having been the number one system used in the Australian blow moulding industry for ten years.

Why, is this the case?

  • Lower in cost (on average over 20%+)
  • 100% compatible with another leading modular system, to the point where in ten or 11 sizes of chain and profiles are totally interchangeable
  • Yes, you could link our chain, to the other and it will run perfectly. Thus if you need to modify your existing system then use our gear and save. This has been proven many times over in Australia
  • Chain widths from 35mm-295mm
  • The chain is made from the same DuPont resin as the leading system
  • Available in 20 countries and many thousands of systems installed

Do you want a complete system supplied? Then send us a layout and advise us of your projects lead time.

  • Let us save you on spares, DIY installations, fully supplied systems
  • All the accessories like guide rails & brackets, nuts, etc. also fit
  • We will also work with your local conveyor integrators, if you wish as well
  • Call our US sales manager on +1 877 776 5325 or email use the form on this page to request more information about the company’s superior leak detecting and cost efficient modular conveying system

Conveying is as simple as ProfileFlex.