AssiDomän Frövi’s “Cornet” is a new alternative to existing ranges of flower wrappings. It has such a strong image it can even promote the idea of treating someone with a pot plant.

The Gift that will be Noticed

When you give a present to someone, the whole idea is that you want to be remembered, and this unconventional packaging solution makes sure that the gift will get the appreciation and attention it deserves – and that the recipient will keep you in mind. It is fun, convenient and is stating environmental awareness and quality. And the price level is very comfortable.

Flowers and Wrapping in Harmony

As packaging, it is enhancing the symbolism of flowers; love, emotions, nostalgia and romance. The flower retailer Interflora in Denmark was the first retailer to incorporate the ‘Cornet’ in their assortment and Pais Design is estimating that there is a big potential on the European market for the product.

FRÖVI LIGHT for Moisture Resistance

FRÖVI LIGHT was chosen as board material for its combination of high moisture resistance and the ecological image – that is further enhanced with handles of natural cord.

Designer: Pais Design, Denmark

Converter: Jörg Thomsen A/S, Denmark

Substance: FRÖVI LIGHT 290 gsm

Season: Winter 2003 – 2004