3D optical variable device (OVD) technology.3D optical variable device (OVD) technology is a patented technology that is offered exclusively by CCL, for labels. It is a unique printing process enabling all sub-microscopic gratings, including holograms, to be produced and applied in-line with other print. The printing technology gives the licensee full control of the holographic manufacturing process.


  • No hot or cold foil, adhesives or off-line application equipment
  • In-line processing with other print stations
  • Printed on conventional printing presses at conventional gravure speeds
  • Complete ability to register with other print units
  • Significant economic advantage when selectively metalizing
  • The ability to apply OVDs to products previously excluded by cost
  • Flexibility to change images quickly
  • Integrated OVD / print design

3D OVD is one simple, cost-effective step towards enhanced brand recognition.