The British branch of supermarket chain Aldi has revealed plans to remove ‘best before’ dates from the packaging of some own-brand fresh products to help reduce food waste in homes.

The retailer will remove the dates from the labelling of around 60 fresh fruit and vegetable products, including apples and pears, citrus fruits, potatoes, carrots and onions, by the end of this year.

The announcement is part of Aldi’s efforts to reduce food waste by 20% by 2025 and 50% by 2030.

Through its food waste reduction programme, the retailer partnered with Neighbourly to donate 700,000 meals over the past six weeks.

Aldi has also worked with surplus food app Too Good To Go to collect products approaching their use-by dates into ‘Magic Bags’.

The bags each contain at least £10 worth of groceries and customers can buy them for £3.30 each via the Too Good To Go mobile app.

Aldi UK corporate responsibility director Liz Fox said: “One of the reasons we are the UK’s cheapest supermarket is because we cut down on waste wherever we see it.

“And by getting rid of these dates on packaging, we can help customers get even better value by reducing the amount of food that goes to waste at home.

“This latest step, together with our partnerships with Neighbourly and Too Good To Go, is all part of our efforts to provide affordable, sustainable and responsible products for all our customers.”

Aldi is the latest of several supermarket chains to remove ‘best before’ dates from its fresh produce packaging labels.

In July this year, Marks & Spencer decided to remove dates from the labelling of more than 300 fruit and vegetable products.

The dates will be replaced with a code that store colleagues can use to keep products fresh.

Last month, Asda also announced that it would remove the dates from almost 250 of its packaged fresh fruit and vegetable products.