Wild Goose has released its CE-certified dual-lane Evolution Series canning models, which the company says is the fastest machine in its canning systems offering.

The upgradeable design features side-by-side patented inline filling stations to minimise beverage exposure time to atmosphere. Sealing occurs automatically through paired lid placement and seaming stations.

In addition, it expands from eight to 10 fill heads for increased throughput, and has CO2 purging stations and tunnels which prevent dissolved oxygen intake to preserve beverage quality.

The models are said to be capable of running both lanes simultaneously or one lane only for smaller product runs.

Wild Goose says the single lane can produce up to 50 cans per minute, while the dual-lane can produce 100 cans per minute.

Dan Welch, general manager of Wild Goose, states: “Offering CE models of our dual-lane Evolution Series canning systems gives producers around the world a reliable, high-quality filling solution for beer, wine, cider, or anything else at a lower investment than large-scale rotary filling machines.”

In comment article published on Packaging Gateway, vice president and head of global beverage at Trivium Packaging Ryan Noward suggested the benefits of metal packaging for beverage brands is underused, despite providing solutions for sustainability, protective packaging, and marketing opportunities.

Founded in 2010, Wild Goose also provides bottle filling machinery alongside its canning services.