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Using digital innovations to create personalised packaging at scale

Advances in digitally printed packaging allow a greater level of product customisation than ever before, furthering consumers’ interest and generating word-of-mouth buzz.

Three emerging trends in personalised packaging

What started with a Coca Cola bottle brandished with your name in 2013 has grown to become a burgeoning industry trend.

Protecting your brand with digitally printed packaging

With the packaging technology used by counterfeiters becoming ever more sophisticated, it is vital that businesses take action to combat these threats and protect not only their brand, but also their customers.

Digitally printed packaging in Germany: Folienprint outlines the benefits

As products compete for consumer attention on shop shelves, creating the right first impression has never been so important for brands. While multi-channel marketing undoubtedly plays a key role in building this image, product packaging is at the fore when it comes to point-of-purchase consumer decision making.

Sustainability in packaging: How digitally printed packaging can drive efficiency

From petitions over Amazon’s new non-recyclable envelopes, to plastic-attack protests at supermarkets, packaging has never been under such scrutiny.

New revenue streams from packaging: The benefits of digital printing for brands

While digital printing is a relatively new process, interest and uptake has been fast to take off, and with so many benefits for businesses large and small, it’s not difficult to see why.

Sustainable storytelling at scale: The future of digital print packaging in France

Thanks to new installations and technological developments, the print landscape has rapidly evolved in recent years. One area where these advances have had a significant impact is in digital print packaging.

The future of packaging: How brands can benefit from digital printing

Brands around the world are waking up to a new dawn in packaging production. Digital printing, it seems, is the solution of the future, offering a wealth of brand benefits, enhanced consumer experiences, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Justin’s and ProAmpac pioneer sustainable pouch

Taking a pioneering step toward sustainable food packaging, ProAmpac, the flexible packaging leader, has announced that it is producing a high-barrier pouch made with 25 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials in collaboration with nut butter maker Justin’s.