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The name BERHALTER is synonymous with the production of innovative and customised die-cutting systems. 50 years of experience, ongoing further development and the constant adjustment of our company’s infrastructure have helped us to grow into a dynamic company in the packaging industry.

Die-cutting machines

Our high-performance die-cutting machines present the most cost-effective solution for efficient and precision die-cutting from the roll for a whole range of printed and non-printed foil, paper and film material. Many of the die-cutting technologies used today originate from BERHALTER.

Flatbed die-cutting machines

BERHALTER is the world’s only manufacturer of flatbed die-cutting machines with its own tool-making shop. We assist our customers as a highly professional and responsible partner for the complete die-cutting process. As both a leading manufacturer of high-performance die-cutting machines and a specialist for die-cutting tools, we can offer tailor-made services – 100% made in Switzerland.

At the same time, we have been fitting state-of-the-art servo-drive and control technologies in our high-performance die-cutting machines for nearly 25 years – these being determining factors for our customers that highlight our claim to being a technology centre.

Versatile die-cutting systems

The range of applications for BERHALTER die-cutting systems knows no bounds – they are systems that allow both intricate lid and label geometries as well as a wide range of different materials to be optimally processed and die-cut to perfection.

  • Flat packaging lids out of aluminum (up to 13µ)
  • Deep drawn (recessed) packaging lids out of aluminum
  • Flat packaging lids out of aluminum (less than 20µ)
  • Labels out of compounds of plastic and/or paper
  • Labels out of polypropylene (BOPP) and other for IML applications (less than 40µ)
  • Paper labels and lightweight cardboard packaging

As materials become ever more complex, thinner and more sensitive, and quality demands grow stricter, a perfect interplay between automatic die-cutting machines and die-cutting tools is more important than ever before. We stay with our customers throughout the entire die-cutting process and offer unique individuality as well as customised production optimisations.

Precise and multi-functional die-cutting tools

As a specialist in highly precise and multi-functional die-cutting tools, we offer you perfect and individual product solutions. Using the BERHALTER die-cutting system, it is possible to realise any marketing solution without having to impose restrictions in terms of the choice and design of the packaging.

High wear-resistant die-cutting tools round out the complete one-stop-shopping solution and combine optimal utilisation of materials with high production output. Multi-station tools increase efficient die-cutting and give you unlimited design possibilities. Additional operations, such as a deep-drawing station, perforation station, groove and rib station, relief stamping station and pre-punching station for notches and moulding holes, can be integrated into our die-cutting tools.

Process security for die-cutting machines

All BERHALTER die-cutting machines can be fitted out with additional options that provide further, substantial production optimisations. The world’s first fully automatic handling system makes it possible to separate accurately counted lid and label stacks and place them fully automatically into a pre-defined position. 100% print and surface inspection systems, anti-static mechanisms, a marking and a counting station, web scrap withdrawal systems and many more functions like in-line embossing or in-line perforating of the film/foil increase your efficiency, productivity and production stability.

  • BERHALTER® PRINTinspect™ – 100% print inspection system – only errorless foil is punched
  • BERHALTER® WEBinspect™ – 100% surface inspection system  – only errorless foil is punched
  • BERHALTER® BEAMstack™ – fully automatic label/lid counting, separation and handling system
  • BERHALTER® WEBslitter™ – automatic web slitter for increasing production enhancement

Automatic RFID identification system for die-cutting machines

One definite milestone in the area of process security is the fully automated RFID tool identification system presented by BERHALTER for the first time at DRUPA 2008. This automatic RFID identification system developed especially for BERHALTER increases production security through non-contact data transfer and thereby provides greater efficiency when switching to other die-cutting tools and lid and label formats, which saves time and money.

Injection moulds for small and large moulds

BERHALTER is also one of the leading manufacturers of injection moulds for small and large moulds from 30kg up to 10t. For that reason we are perfectly familiar with the quality requirements for IML labels in terms of the perfect destacking and the precise operation of the feed systems and injection molding, and provide this integrated expertise at the disposal of our customers.

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Press Release

Die-Cutting Where Profitability and Efficiency Meet

BERHALTER is presenting a patented technology at Labelexpo Europe exclusively to cut in-mould labels and polyester labels.

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Efficient Die-Cutting System

We offer punching tools for all production volumes, from small to large production. All cutting components, for the Swiss-Die ECO™, Swiss-Die PRO™ and Swiss-Die ULTIMATE™ are manufactured on the same production machines with the same accuracy.


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BERHALTER is presenting a patented technology at Labelexpo Europe exclusively to cut in-mould labels and polyester labels.

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