Hellmann’s is testing a smart jar with a label containing temperature-sensitive ink that activates below 5℃. 

The label changes according to temperature to reveal a hidden design created by illustrator Ellen Porteus.

The product aims to highlight the right fridge temperature to conserve food.

According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), which is a partner of Hellmann’s, millions of UK households run their fridges too warm, causing 4.5 million toones of food wastage.

Running from 6-12 March, WRAP’s annual Food Waste Action Week campaign aims to raise awareness of wasted food to reduce its impact on climate change.

Hellmann’s senior marketing manager Rachel Chambers comments: “We’re constantly looking to help consumers reduce food waste. The smart jar is an innovative way to get people talking about – and solving – this massive problem.”

A recent GlobalData report on technology in packaging suggests Hellmann’s new smart jar is an illustration of a change that is taking place within the packaging sector.

The report explains that “due to the latest technological advancements, there will be a shift away from mass production and more toward creative, specialised brand packaging for certain goods and services.”

In recent years, Hellmann’s has released recycled plastic bottles and jars for the brand’s mayonnaise products.

In 2022, Hellmann’s parent company, Unilever, introduced energy-saving plastic-free laundry capsules.