Counting Machines and Packaging Lines

Cremer Speciaalmachines is a leading designer and manufacturer of product counting and filling systems for the packaging industry worldwide.

Tablet and capsule counting modules

The CF-622 is a counting module for tablets and capsules, having been created with considerable engineering and planning. Product flow is efficient and consistency is assured through using servo-driven product dosing and controlled vibratory plates with minimal settings.

The CF-622 module can process at speeds of 45 units a minute on the 100-count setting through six product separator flaps, in addition to a further two discharge flaps.

Counting and filling systems for tablets

For those wanting to optimise production efficiency in a limited amount of space, the CFS-622x4 provides the solution. Outputs of 50 bottles per minute (bpm) can be achieved in single modules due to each one comprising six discharge channels. In addition, the CFS-622 is equipped to operate at speeds of 200bpm.

The system's small footprint allows for seamless integration into new bottle packaging lines, or retrofitting older machines.

The CFS-622 has been designed with versatility in mind, with the capacity to quickly and precisely transport and fill almost every possible bottle type by only changing a handful of parts.

Easy cleaning is possible thanks to its GMP-compliant design, with total safety ensured and decent accessibility offered by the transparent enclosure.

Tablet counters with in-motion filling system

CFI-622 tablet counter features a 'In Motion Filling System' (IMFS) and is capable of accommodating up to eight counting modules, handing bottles in single-track formation at rates of more than 400 a minute.

The machine comprises a single mainframe, with an adjustable amount of counting modules.

Three variations in design frames are all capable of enabling output speeds of 400 units a minute, supported by four, six or eight modules. However, every system can function with fewer modules if required. Should production require increasing in scale, the option of an additional CF-622 module can be implemented cost-effectively.

As the CF-622 modules are servo-driven at product dosing, vibration and discharge/separation flaps, only small modifications to software are required to run 100%identical production without the need to calibrate any extra modules.

With a minimal footprint, the machine can quickly and simply adapt to meet the production demands of any environment. Switching to different bottle dimensions can be achieved in no longer than 20 minutes.

Robust single counter machines

The 12-channel CF-1220 is a reliable, robust single counter capable of handling a varying range of tablet and capsule shapes, sizes and consistencies for a long service-life. Based on a 100-count, it is can precisely fill up to 55 bottles a minute.

Contact parts can be dismantled easily without using tools, while cleaning is simple and takes very little time. Users can operate the counter using a handheld device or touchscreen (21 CFR 11) capability.

About Cremer

Founded in in 1949, Cremer is at the forefront of global manufacturing of counting and packaging systems, serving industries such as food, non-food, confectionary, agriculture, and pharmaceutical.

Cremer has sales and service sites in the Netherlands, with a wide-ranging global network of agents and distributors. The company has more than 140 highly skilled employees that are experts in their respective fields. Cremer has been a member of the Uhlmann group since 2017.

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