Specialty Papers for Flexible Packaging and Labelling

Munksjö is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced paper products developed with intelligent technology, with one of the widest range of flexible packaging papers for food and non-food applications, as well as technical papers for wet-glue and self-adhesive labelling.

The company offers customer-specific innovative design and functionality in areas ranging from flooring, kitchens and furnishings, to release papers, consumer-friendly packaging, and energy transmission.

Extensive range of papers for the flexible packaging industry

For the flexible packaging industry, Munksjö offers a range of high-performance specialty papers for food and non-food applications. They are mainly used to pack, wrap and protect. Main applications include confectionary, petfood, baking, beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical products.

With nearly 100 paper products, the range delivers a variety of properties and functionalities for the most demanding requirements, including grease barrier, release, wet strength, lamination, extrusion, waxing, twisting, folding, and printing.

Ranging from 26g/m² to 200g/m², Munksjö's offering for flexible packaging includes one-side coated, calendered and supercalendered, untreated and treated papers.

Label papers for metallising and facestock

For the labelling industry, Munksjö has developed specialty label papers to help premium brands stand-out on shelves. The product range meets the needs of both the wet-glue and self-adhesive labelling markets.

Main markets served are metallised labels for beers, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and mineral waters, as well as niche facestock with demanding requirements such as vegetable oil, pharmaceuticals, wine and spirits, stamps and other specialised labels.

One-side coated or calendered, the range delivers a variety of properties for premium brand recognition, including high-gloss, outstanding whiteness, excellent grease-resistance, optimum opacity and high-printing results.

Munksjö is also an expert in release papers, with a range of coated and supercalendered varieties dedicated to silicone coatings for pressure-sensitive adhesive labelling.

Labelling and packaging for sustainable brands

When sourcing labelling or packaging materials, converters or designers must find the right balance between several constraints. They must produce more sustainable packaging, high-level functionalities, and ensure maximum consumer safety, all without compromising on shelf appeal, as the target remains to create unique consumer experience and a strong brand identity.

Munksjö delivers innovations that support customers' and end-users' sustainable brand values. By working with partners at every stage of the value chain, the company has developed an extensive range of leading papers, ensuring that customers stay one-step ahead of ever-changing market needs.

From using responsibly sourced materials to developing safe and reliable manufacturing processes, the company puts sustainability into every one of its products. Munksjö is also committed to ensuring that its operations are conducted and developed sustainably through its operations to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Fibre refining and surface treatments for packaging

With expertise in wood pulp, fibre refining, wet-end chemistry and surface treatments, Munksjö has developed a wide range of products with the properties and converting aptitudes that customers demand.

To provide added value to customers globally, research and development is critical to success in a speciality paper company. Munksjö's research centre employs an experienced team of 22 people providing world-class scientific services and priceless support to customers in the implementation of joint development projects.

In addition, development teams of 40 engineers and technicians dedicated to customers and products are based at manufacturing mills.

Packaging and label papers

Munksjö flexible packaging and labels papers are produced at the Rottersac and Stenay mills in France. These sites are certified with FSC, PEFC chain-of-custody, ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004. The Rottersac Mill site has OHSAS 18001 certification. For food contact, both mills comply with local French regulations, with (EC) 1935/2004 standards and German BfR and FDA regulations. Both sites have started the HACCP process.

Stenay and Rottersac mills belongs to Munksjö's Graphics and Packaging business. Stenay is specialised in the manufacturing of one-side coated papers. Rottersac is dedicated to the production of calendered, supercalendered, treated and untreated grades.

The brands available are Adercote™, Aderpack™, Alipack™, Coral™, Coralpack™, Cristal™, Cristal Evolution™, Cristalline™, Gerbier™, Gerlux™, Gersan™, Gerstar™, Gervalux™, Go Print™, Metalkote Expert™, Metalkote Classic™, Rocal™, and Rocalonde™.

About Munksjö

In 2013, Munksjö AB and Ahlstrom's Label and Processing activities created Munksjö Oyj, a new global leader in specialty papers. This synergy of expertise and resources has reinforced its ability to support the packaging and labelling industry.

The transition to a sustainable society is a natural driving force for Munksjö's growth as the products can replace non-renewable materials. This is what 'Made by Munksjö' stands for.

Given Munksjö's global presence and way of integrating with the customers, the company forms a worldwide service organisation with approximately 2,900 employees. It has 15 facilities located in France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil and China. Munksjö's share is listed on Nasdaq in Helsinki and Stockholm.

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