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Top trends in printing and ink for 2012

Advanced printing technologies are making packaged products more striking and vivid than ever before. And on today’s cut-throat store shelves, they need to be. We profile the printers and inks that are transforming the packaging of tomorrow, both in quality and process efficiency.

Almac installs new blister line in US packaging facility

Northern Ireland-based contract services provider Almac, has acquired a Uhlmann blister line for its new 100,000ft² commercial packaging facility in Audubon, Pennsylvania, US.

Pack to the future: next-gen packaging materials

Are 4D materials, talking papers, power-charging and self-cooling boxes the next generation of packaging? Elisabeth Fischer takes a look into R&D labs of today’s leading companies and scientists to find out how we could package the products of tomorrow.

Defining sustainable packaging: PACE 2012

Sustainable packaging, bio-plastics and the tough economy were among the hot topics discussed at this year’s PACE forum. Elisabeth Fischer spoke to the international packaging elite to round-up three days of presentations, roundtables and business meetings in London.

The fresher pressure: extending shelf-lives

Packaging researchers are working on innovative new ways to make food last longer and look better on store shelves everywhere. We check out some of the industry’s most impressive life-extending packaging concepts.

Food packaging: 2011’s best and brightest

Today’s food packaging can interact with consumers more effectively than ever, both before and after purchase. We look back over some of the most acclaimed food packaging designs of the last 12 months.

Top innovations in drinks packaging

Through smart design and technological advances, drinks packagers are improving shelf-life, sustainability and more. We explore some of the most promising developments that have been pushing the bottle packaging industry forward in 2011.

Packaging designed to impress

Beyond protecting a product, packaging today shapes brands like no other marketing tool. Elisabeth Fischer speaks to Scott Lucas, executive director of Interbrand’s Cincinnati office, about the secrets of intelligent marketing through packaging design.

Reinventing paper packaging

Paper is not only the largest global packaging sector but is also behind some of the most pioneering innovations today. Elisabeth Fischer profiles technologies such as paper-based RFID tags, moulded paper and barrier solutions against cardboard oil migration that are leading the way towards a sustainable packaging movement in the years to come.